Post Frame Trusses

Post frame trusses are used in post frame building construction (also known as post and beam construction).  Efficient and flexible in design, post frame trusses can be spaced for 4' on center to 12' on center and can have a clear span up to 120'


There are many benefits to using post frame trusses/buildings in commercial and residential applications.  Post Frame construction has been proven to outlast many other types of construction over the years, and can withstand almost any type of weather.  For more efficient warehouses, fire stations, churches, strip-malls, and residential homes our post frame materials are your best choice.


Post frame trusses aren commonly used in agricultural settings such a s dairy, livestock, equipment storage, crop and bulk materials storage, and equestrian buildings.  Other common uses include garages, workshops, and storage for farming equipment.




Prebuilt Trusses

Prebuilt trusses are in stock for immediate delivery from Gallagher Buildings. We can also custom design any size and style truss you may need.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses or roof rafters are used in many applications such as new construction or add on additions. Roof trusses can save up to 25% in construction time and labor costs. Gallagher Buildings has truss design teams to engineer any type of roof truss or rafter system to fit your application.  Roof trusses can save up to 25% in construction time and labor costs.  Whether you are in need of residential, agricultural or commercial, Gallagher Buildings offers the most common selection of trusses.  


Joists are straighter and more uniform in strength, stiffness, and size than traditional lumber, providing a strong, sturdy floor system. Pound for pound, our I Joists have a greater load bearing capacity than traditional lumber and can span farther. With greater lengths available, ceilings and floors can be designed with fewer pieces, saving time on installation. Another advantage over lumber is lower moisture content, making our I Joists less likely to split, shrink, twist, warp or bow.

Floor Trusses

End floor trusses can be trimmed and designed to clear span further distances than comparable I-Joists or solid sawn lumber. Both ends of the truss can be trimmed up to 6" for on the job flexibility to ensure an exact fit. Floor trusses also provide an open web design that is ideal for hiding plumbing, heating and electrical above the finished ceiling.  Floor trusses are the perfect solution for a hight quality, squeak-free floor system including finishing a basement.

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