Steel Siding

Our steel siding offers a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Residential Steel Siding offers a 24 color selection, fade-resistant, designer colors. Practically Maintenance Free -- Clean with soap and water. Resistant to the ever-changing elements. Steel siding is four times more resistant to thermal expansion, warping and buckling than vinyl siding. Metal will not crack or shatter due to hail or cold weather like vinyl. Our steel is eight times stronger than vinyl, offering the best wind protection available. Unrivaled Fire Resistance, steel doesn't burn. Environmentally friendly -- steel siding is easily recycled. Steel siding by Gallagher Buildings is a great investment to any home because, steel siding is maintenance free and out performs other siding in ever-changing climates. Our steel siding comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty.


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Our residential steel siding panels will provide years of maintenance free service life. Hail and windstorms struggle to damage our steel panels. This is truly the last siding you will need to install.
Most conventional siding materials absorb energy from the sun. Our residential steel siding reflects most of the sun's rays, which keeps your living space cooler and save you money.
Our steel siding out performs vinyl against hail and wind has the best thermal expansion resistance, and has the best color retention of any siding in the industry.
Home Appreciation
Our steel siding is one of the top materials used for improving the value of your home. Studies show our steel siding increases the value of most homes and is an excellent investment.


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